Control the chaos

Have you heard "Where is it?", "Who has it now?". "We're in big trouble if we can't find it", "Can't we get that into our system more quickly?", "We're mandated to keep that", "It will take forever to find it in storage", "It was entered incorrectly", "I really need it right now", or "We need more space" from within your organization? If you have, or if you've expressed simular thoughts, know that ASC has successfully partnered with our clients to help solve these issues.

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Control the Clutter

When you walk through you organization are there desks with mysterious stacks of paper? Are there banker boxes labeled by year? Do your filing cabinets seem to keep growing while your floor space seems to disappear? Do the people in IT tell you they need more storage because everyone seems to be storing there “stuff” on that shared drive? Our customers have experienced these problems and ASC has partnered with them to solve these issues


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